Nsave utility for the flash game N: the way of the ninja

April 23, 2010


I play this game on multiple computers and would like to synchronize progress between them. This program is a batch file that gets progress and allows you to install it onto other computers to continue playing n since there are many levels to beat. It also allows keeping data regardless of flash player updates. It works on Windows systems and with all tested versions of flash player.

Basically, the save state for n is in flash player storage somewhere in appdata; the batch files below will copy that file to/from the local directory for you to save/transport.

How to use

  1. Download the utility in a zip folder (below) and extract it so the three .bat files are in the same directory as n_v14.exe
  2. Important: run n_v14.exe first! If an alert comes up requesting memory, click allow otherwise this will not work. Close n_v14.exe.
  3. Now to save the current game status from flash player storage into the n_v14.exe directory run get_from_pc.bat and enter characters as prompted. If everything is successful it will say '1 file copied' otherwise redo step 2. A new file named nsave.dat will be added to the directory.
  4. To put the saved configuration into flash player storage, run put_to_pc.bat and enter characters as prompted. Next time you run n_v14.exe the saved data will be loaded.
  5. To delete the configuration from flash player storage (ie on a guest computer) run delete_from_pc.bat. This does not delete the nsave.dat file if it exists.

Note: if the program prompts you to enter more than one line of characters for initialization there is something wrong with your flash player set up. Doing a clean install should fix this.


Zip file is available here.